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  1. Pacscam is a new game made by Hapsoftware
  2. Cross is another new game of Hapsoftware
  3. Calculator is a digital calculator.
  4. Sunset is a desktop theme for your desktop.
  5. Our mail is a software to Check mail from all three mail accounts.
  6. StayCon. A new software to keep you connected to the net without a problem.
  7. Space is a game from Hapsoftware
  8. Cash Memo.
  9. Word Processor 1.0.
  10. Good Disk 1.0.1.
  11. Space Screen Saver.
  12. Hapsoftware Screen Saver.
  13. FMBC Screen Saver.
  14. Skyline Magazine Screen Saver.
  15. Money Maker - A account software.
  16. DOS Colour - A software which converts your plain old Dos screen to colour Dos Screen.
  17. PON Software.
  18. Word.
  19. Net View.
  20. Internet.
  21. PON Software CD of Version 257-X Plus! Final Version & XS.
  22. CDSTART software for the cd DRIVERS
  23. Certificate of Product, A software to check the software of Hapsoftare is original or pirated.
  24. Medcom.
  25. IAOG Members.
  26. PCMS owner's manual.
  27. Accounts software of S. K. Bhawan.

* For download to software (which are for general public) can be downloaded from download page.


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