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  1. Installation of the Advance Interactive Voice Response System in Patgiri's Residence.

  2. Setup of the Data Storage Server of Pioneer Online Network with high encryption protection.

  3. Development of one of the most advance digital studio for both audio and video editing and publishing via the powerful means of the Internet.

  4. Development of the most advance gamming station in Assam.

  5. Up gradation of PON servers to version 257-X plus! final version.


  7. Installation of Telecom Server in Patgiri's Residence.

  8. Installation of Info - 2 Server for Indian Independent Information Centre.

  9. Up gradation of PON Servers to version XS.

  10. E-mail Server of Indian Independent Information Centre.

  11. Installation of Digicop Version 1HSKKK Security System at Patgiri's Residence.

  12. Installation WLAN access at Pioneer Online Network.


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