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  About Us

Hapsoftware was established in 1989 to perform experiments on computers. Later this lab converted into an organization for the development of software's, websites and for consultancy. With the help cutting edge technology this organization has launched hundreds of sites and has developed a lot of  software's. Its museum holds computers having processor from 80286 to Pentium 4. With the development of Internet in Assam we try our best to develop websites and other internet related software's. We are also working with multimedia CD-ROMS and Floppy disks. In our opinion multimedia CD-ROMS and Floppy disks are the future of education or E-Education (Electronic Education). This organization was founded by Hriday Anand Patgiri. We imagine that all the future homes will have their own home learning centers.


                 Hapsoftware gives information and the technical help in many fields like Local area Network (LAN) internet and intranet. Hapsoftware's team work day and night, to give you the best product possible by the present systems. Hapsoftware has the idea and wisdom to make things possible for you and us.


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